Tips and Tricks to Selling Your Luxury Home

  1. Buyers normally decided in the first 30 seconds of entering a home whether or not to purchase it. Make sure that your home is clean and organized during the marketing time. Be sure that the photographs used for marketing are taken by a professional photographer.
  2. Be sure you are dealing with qualified buyers – Not all buyers are qualified. We will sort through all buyers and converse with their lenders to advise you on viable offers.
  3. Using some staging and decoration – When we list your luxury home, we will assist in proper spacing of your furniture and in recommended repairs that will deliver the highest return. In some cases, we will recommend a professional stager that we have worked with on dozens of sales.
  4. If short selling, make sure your agent is experienced in this type of transaction – The short selling process is complex and is constantly changing. We have the experience of successful short sales since 2007.
  5. Use the right agent - The sale of luxury homes often entails more complex details than the typical home sale. We have the experience to sell your luxury home for the highest return with least hassles.