Real Estate Myths

"Discount" brokers can do an adequate job selling real estate.

A complete marketing campaign is essential to getting the most for your home. Promotional costs like photos, brochures, advertisements, MLS insertion fees, printing, direct mail, directional signs, personal Internet websites, and virtual tours are all paid for by Dan and Traci & Consultants. Can the same be said for a "discount" broker? Remember that you only pay us a commission when your property sells successfully; you owe nothing if the Dan and Traci & Consultants team of specialists does not get results.

Dan and Traci are probably too busy to pay attention to my listing.

Aren't superior restaurants busy at dinner time? Don't excellent doctors have a heavy patient load? Dan and Traci & Consultants may have a lot of clients, but they have assembled a top-flight team of specialists to assist with the details. This allows our team members to devote themselves fully to selling your property successfully. Dan and Traci & Consultants was built one satisfied client at a time, and word of mouth from satisfied clients is spreading.

I should select a Realtor who says they can get me the highest price.

This is the oldest scam in real estate: tell the sellers what they want to hear and compliment their homes to get listings. Instead, you should insist on a written, well researched market analysis to determine a realistic price your home will bear in today's market. Then price it accordingly. Select your Realtor based on experience and effectiveness, not empty promises.

My "local" real estate agent knows my neighborhood best and will do the best job.

The buyer of your home is not likely to be your neighbor. Your "local" real estate agents spend a ton of time and money marketing to you and your neighbors. A full scale team like ours, which markets and prospects to potential buyers (not your neighbors), is much more likely to find a buyer for your home for the most money with the least hassles.