Prudent Short Sales

A short sale is a dignified sale!

If you are upside down on your mortgage and need to sell your home, you have options! Many of our past clients have been high ranking military officers, government workers, bankers, and doctors. Often our clients have high security clearances. We have been successful with short sales with all of the major banks and with clients from all economic backgrounds.

Every interaction between us is held in the strictest of confidence. That being said, if you would like validation of our services, we have many past clients that would be more than willing to share their experience with you - just ask.

Why would a bank agree to a short sale?

When a bank is faced with the bad choice of a short sale versus the worst choice of a foreclosure, they likely will do the short sale. Not only is a foreclosure bad for you, it is a lousy for the bank. The lender is in the business of earning interest from the money that they loan you; they are not interested in owning your property. When the lending institution forecloses on a property, they incur additional costs such as attorney bills, property management, property preservation, eviction, rehab, maintenance, utilities, home owner association dues, condominium fees, and all of the resale costs that they will pay in either case of foreclosure or short sale, and more. In addition to the expense that the bank has to pay, when they foreclose on a property, the property shows up on their books as a liability (which negatively impacts their hare price and their business).

The bank DOES NOT want to foreclose on you.