How to survive the worst real estate market in history... 
In today's market, a smart sale is a short sale.

  • Are you stressed out about mortgage payments?
  • Do you think that your only option is a foreclosure?
  • Are you considering 'walking away'?
  • Struggling with a loan modification?
  • Is a short sale right for you?
  • How to buy a home after a short sale?

Millions and millions of homeowners are asking themselves the same questions. It is projected that over 20,000,000 homeowners will have negative equity in their homes by this time next year. In other words they will owe more on their homes than they are worth. Over 2.9 million homes have been foreclosed in the last three years and the number is expected to grow. Expect the effect of the real estate recession to ripple for years to come.

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 The new exit strategy: Short Sale
— Business Week
The book was very helpful. Dan and Traci showed me what I needed to know, step-by-step. My Short Sale helped save my marriage and my sanity. Thanks for the help.
— Robert and Barbara E.