Max the Greetings Virginia Dog

Max’s Homeward Mission

Max the Greetings Virginia dog

Max the Greetings Virginia Dog is committed to helping his brothers and sisters that are unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets to be rescued and placed into loving homes.

Max’s favorite pet rescue organization is Homeward Trails Animal Rescue that provides pet adoption in Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland. They are dedicated to rescuing animals. Without their help, often these animals will be left behind to be euthanized.

Homeward Trails does not receive government funding and relies on donations to support their efforts, so they need our help!

How Can You Help Max?

Max partners with his friends here at Greetings Virginia to help raise money to donate to Homeward Trails. Here is how you may help:

Option 1 

1)  Print a copy of a picture of Max (you may click on Max the GV Dog for a pdf version)

2)  Take a photograph of you and Max.

3)  “Like” the Greetings Virginia Facebook page

4)  Upload the photo of you and Max onto the Greetings Virginia Facebook page.

Option 2

1)  Do all of the above and then take Max with you on your favorite destination and post a photo of him onto your Facebook page and “tag” Greetings Virginia.

Option 3

1) Buy a home, sell a home, or invest in real estate while using the services of Greetings Virginia.

How We Will Help

In return for you helping Max by completing the steps above, the Greetings Virginia real estate sales team will donate $10 per post per family in your name to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. When you buy a home, sell a home, or invest in real estate, we will donate a portion of our proceeds in your name.

  • $250 pays for a dog to be fully vaccinated, heart worm tested and spayed/neutered
  • $150 pays for a cat to be fully vaccinated, FIV/ FelV tested and spayed/neutered
  • $100 pays for a puppy’s or kitten’s vaccines and food for two weeks or a spay/neuter
  • $50 pays for fuel to pick up animals from one of our rural shelter partners
  • $25 pays for a heart worm test or one month of cat food for Kitty City
  • $10 buys one large bucket of kitty litter for Kitty City

Please help Max to help pets that need a home!

Max the GV dog with bubble wrap

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