Dan Rochon – Greetings Virginia

Dan Rochon – Greetings Virginia

Dan and Traci Rochon with Keller Williams Realty is a full-service real estate sales company that helps clients in the Washington metro region buy and sell properties in all price ranges. The vast Keller Williams network allows our agents the opportunity to successfully complete hundreds of buying and selling transactions for our clients. As with any Keller Williams Realty office, our associates work their own way with their own clients, but we all come together to share our knowledge and resources.

Whether you are a “seasoned” home buyer or home seller or this is your first real estate transaction, all of our agents at Dan and Traci & Consultants with Keller Williams Realty are here to help you through this big step. Buying or selling a home can be very complicated and stressful, that’s why our agents are knowledgeable and have comprehensive training to help you with your real estate purchase and make it stress free as possible. We advocate for our real estate clients in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area has full of history and great properties to buy.

Contact Dan and Traci Rochon today to find out how our team can help you!

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Keys to an Effective Real Estate Business

Keys to an Effective Real Estate Business

With a relatively increase of the everyday products, more and more individuals are discovering ways how to earn additional sources of income so as to make up their expenses. That’s why most individuals who look for alternative projects resort to real estate business.

However, even if real estate business appears to be successful to many, it still needs a lot of effort and skills to endure in the industry. So, for those who want to be effective in real estate business, here are some tips to ponder:

1. Set practical and sensible goals.

Just like any venture, the key to an effective real estate business can be found below a sound and sensible target. This will serve as the directing concept of those who wish to make it to the top. Through these goals, individuals who are engaged in real estate business can focus more on areas that need concern like the industry, customers, and strategies that will make their company successful.

2. Choose the right real estate technique.

The key to an effective real estate business is to come up with a certain technique that will supplement the goals stated on the entrepreneurs’ company technique plan. This technique will also provide the right goes to take based on the type of profit the real estate business owner wants to achieve like an show cash or prosperity organization.

3. Business owners should acquire the characteristics of an ideal real estate broker.

In purchase to be effective, individuals engaged in this type of company should acquire the characteristics of an ideal real estate broker. He or she should be skilled in discovering the inspired supplier, determine the value of qualities, and knows how to settle with their customers.

4. It’s a must to know the rules.

Part of being effective in real estate business is to know the current rules of the state such as tax rules. Such that, if a real estate business owner does not know the rules, he or she may end up losing a lot cash or worst end up in jail.

5. It is essential to hire a reliable financial advisor.

This is very essential to almost any type of company. This is, in reality, significant to be able to be effective in real estate business because the dealings involves cash, and one of the person who is skilled to evaluate and understand financial information is a certified financial advisor. Through the help of a CPA, individuals behind the real estate business will be able to track the flow of the market.



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Pricing Your Home

Pricing Your Home

When a chance comes to put your home available on the market, costs can do or die your selling. If you overprice your home, you risk watching it fade away on the market, but under-pricing it means decreasing your investment. The kick off point for costs should be depending on recent sales in the community, not on personal connection. Regardless of what you think your home is worth, the costs should be depending on market value – this is why it’s essential to look for a property broker who is familiar with the place. He or she will start by looking at what other similar homes in your place have sold for. This is known as a comparative market analysis.

Another essential consideration is the industry. To be secure you want to allow yourself enough room to come down in discussions, but if it’s a purchasers’ industry you will have to do more to help your home be stand out. Pricing your home below the competition should ensure several offers, thus driving up the cost level. Other techniques include being versatile around funding options and offering rewards. In any case, you want to cost your home low enough that you will get traffic through – the first three several weeks are essential. If the home rests longer than three weeks customers may believe something is wrong with it.

In a vendor’s industry it’s secure to add 10 % to the last similar selling in your community and in a balanced industry you may aim to add an amount in accordance with the last similar selling plus the average industry increase measured over enough time since that selling.

Remember, pricing your home is as much an art as it is a science. In the end the cost is essential, but marketing and setting up your home performs an important role as well. An excellent agent can guide you through this process and help you get the best cost for your home.



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Condos – Should You Buy One?

Condos – Should You Buy One?

Condos may fall into love them or dislike them place for customers. Here is for beginners on condos.

Condos are all about public residing, which can be excellent or bad based on your personal opinions. This kind of public residing does not make reference to the unsuccessful tests of the 1960s wherein hippies loaded into a framework and distributed everything. Instead, the contemporary residence team is all about discussing typical areas as well as guidelines, guidelines and more guidelines.

Condos come in all types and sizes. It can be found in a single high-rise building in a town center area or in a residence complicated kind of structure in an organized team. The framework is not the identifying factor. Instead, the issue is how the qualities are possessed.

Unlike a conventional home, the property lines on a condo are the surfaces of the framework. Basically, you own everything inside the unit as your personal residence. Everything outside is possessed together with the individuals who own the other models. These places are known as typical places and are topic to team concept.

Every condo has a homeowners association in one form or another. The organization has guidelines set out by the unique designer regarding landscape designs and so on. Associates of the team are then chosen to the panel of the organization, whereupon the instantly become a centerpiece of frustration from personal entrepreneurs and often wonder why they took the tough job.

The issue with the organization and condos in common is the issue of consistency. If you desire to change the external of your residence in some way, you must adhere to the guidelines of the organization. This means you cannot color your residence a different shade, do landscape designs and so on. For some individuals, this is not an issue, but others are disappointed they cannot express themselves.



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Staying Ahead of the Burbank Market with Maximum Exposure and Up-to-Date, Accurate Listings

Brad_KorbBrad Korb, broker/owner of The Brad Korb Real Estate Group in Burbank, Calif., uses Zillow to stay on top in his local market. As both a Zillow Premier Agent and a Zillow Pro for Brokers partner, Korb’s agents benefit from immense exposure in the Burbank area and up-to-date, accurate listings. In the following interview, Korb lends Real Estate Magazine a glimpse into his top tips for real estate success, winning marketing campaigns, and more.

Real Estate Magazine: You’ve been in the industry for over 35 years. What have been the most important factors in keeping your business evolving with the times?
Brad Korb:
I’ve always kept in touch with my past clients, even the ones from 1979. I call my clients to wish them a happy anniversary every year. In addition, I publish a personal newspaper—the Burbank Bulletin, which goes out once a month—and send bi-monthly video emails through Vyral Marketing.

RE: How are home shoppers different today than they were 10 years ago?
Homebuyers are now looking online and have access to home information that wasn’t available to them before the inception of sites like Zillow. Now, REALTORS® like myself are educating buyers on the importance of using a REALTOR®.

RE: You’ve got a lot of marketing initiatives for your brokerage. What are the top five and why?

1. Zillow: It’s a great benefit to us because we show up 90 percent of the time in our marketplaces.
2. Trulia: We’re able to track buyer history and the homes and cities at which they’ve been looking.
3. “Just Sold” postcards: Every time we sell a home, we send out postcards to 1,000 nearby homeowners.
4. Burbank Bulletin Newspaper: Our monthly newspaper we’ve published for 13 years now. I involve the community by giving free ad space to local non-profits and schools.
5. Our own 800 number: I can track where my leads are coming from across different marketing initiatives, which is critical to understanding my ROI.

RE: You’ve been a Zillow Premier Agent for about two years. How do you use this program as a broker, and what’s been the effect on your business?
Our ROI has been phenomenal with Zillow. Zillow leads have more valid emails and phone numbers than other sites, and the contacts we receive are serious buyers and sellers. We constantly have a few Zillow leads in escrow. As a broker, Premier Agent gives our team more exposure for our listings; this has been a great marketing tool with sellers who want their home seen by as many buyers as possible.

For more information, visit www.bradkorb.com.

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Buying Real Estate for Your Family

Buying Real Estate for Your Family

The best and most satisfying reason to buy a property is purchasing a house in which your family will live and grow together. There is a ton of fun engaged in finding the most ideal place for you and your family to reside in. There is quite significant amounts of stress involved as well and that should not be ignored.

Make your first step of choosing the right agent or buyers agent that you can trust and that has experience and a strong reputation in your local market. Your agent can prove to be a life saver when you’ve reached the final hours before closing.

You need to establish your budget and you need to determine what are important to meet up with your needs and you family. The number of bed rooms, washrooms, sq video, and garden space. Do you need a secured in garden or a basement? These factors are important as they do influence the convenience and safety of everyone.

A crucial matter that needs to be considered when purchasing a house for your family is the community. This is more significant than a lot of people may recognize. Criminal activity rates in the community and the school region are factors that need to be regarded as least before determining to view a prospective house.

You must take enough chance to search for various homes before determining on one house over another. This way, you get the better chance that you will discover the most ideal house for your needs. The more homes you see, the more choices you have when it’s about a chance to make up your mind.

You will discover many homes along the way but only quite a few will reach out and make an impression on themselves upon you as house. Think about the possibilities, the prices, and your needs and likes. If you follow all of this, you will be on your way to the property of your dreams.



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